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i'm the hero of the story don't need to be saved
05 December 2014 @ 01:02 am
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i'm the hero of the story don't need to be saved
29 July 2014 @ 12:20 pm
Looks like I's getting married!

i'm the hero of the story don't need to be saved
17 July 2014 @ 06:06 pm
Yay, Sun wrote fic! I've already had BioShock Infinite finished for months, but I'm just now working up the nerve to go back and play BioShock and BioShock 2. The reason I played the third game instead of the first two is because I'd rather play a game set in Columbia - a city which floats above the rest of the world on something that apparently isn't giant balloons and is predominantly populated by sane though racist overly religious rich white people - than in Rapture - a LEAKING underwater city full of crazy drug addicts that climb walls, disappear and reappear at will, and shoot fire at you. Not to mention that each level of the first two have a certain number of Little Sisters (little girls who are hosts to a parasitic slug found on the bottom of the ocean floor whose prime purpose is to harvest ADAM - genetic material - from dead bodies around the city) and their protectors, the Big Daddies.

Just to give you an idea, if you haven't played the games.

Anyway. The deal with Big Daddies and Little Sisters is that the Little Sisters are sought after for the ADAM that they collect, and to defend them from the crazy Splicers, the Big Daddies are men who were stuffed into old diving suits and are now psychologically compelled to protect their own Little Sister. I am... morbidly fascinated by their relationship. BioShock 2 goes much more in-depth with Big Daddies and Little Sisters than the first game, and the third is set in an entirely different reality, pretty much. This drabble wouldn't stop knocking at the back of my mind until I wrote it out.

So I did. In FB comments, haha.

Without further ado:

A Light in the Dark: A BioShock Drabble
By: Sun

As he fell to the grimy floor facedown, darkness surrounded him and he lost all senses but one. Sounds filled the blackness, first soft pleading sobs, then shrill cries of desperation. He tried to mobilize, tried to answer the call that was permeating what should have been the serene solitude of death - but he could not, and it would surely drive him mad.

Was this his punishment? He had fallen, failed in his one mission. And now the frightened shrieks would surely haunt him until he could no longer function. It was less than he deserved for the ultimate trespass of leaving the little one to fend for herself, but it was agonizing nonetheless.

And just when he thought his torment would never end, the dark was met with abrupt silence. After a moment he heard what sounded like contented whimpers, and then...

"You- You saved me." Such a small whisper in a voice he'd known some time, but now it sounded melodic, tinged with a purity he was unused to. Silently, he pleaded to hear it again.

His pleas were answered after just a few seconds ticked past. "Thank you." The sweet whisper was followed by quick but quiet shuffling, and then...


He didn't know how much time passed. After the little one disappeared from his hearing and the hall fell silent, he had allowed himself to sink into a state similar to unconsciousness.

He was suddenly brought swimming back to the surface of awareness by movement - his own. As he was rolled onto his back, his sight returned, and the darkness was dispelled by a somber green light overhead and a small, pretty face with teary blue eyes and black hair matted to her forehead.

Flat teeth chewed a pink lower lip, and he longed to reach out to her, to bring her comfort as he once did. But his time was coming to an end, he knew. The bond was severed, but she had been saved. It was more than he could have hoped for.

She sniffled sadly. "I'm s-sorry, Mr. B," came her sweet stutter once more, and he felt a calm flood what was left of his human body, warming what hadn't been warm since his commission into this new life. This life of protection, of devotion-

Of love.

Softly, the small hand patted his cold, metallic head, and he wished he could give her a sign that all was well... That it wasn't her fault. That he was simply glad she was alive and rosy.

It took all he could to overpower the leadenness that had taken over his limbs, but he managed it; slowly, his right arm responded, and his own gloved fingers finally came into sight as they brushed gently along the line of her jaw, his thumb shakily rubbing at the matted hair on her forehead until it was out of her eyes.

Delight shone bright in the blue, and she smiled right then, her first real, genuine, innocent smile since they'd become acquainted - and his heart sang until it surrendered to his drawn out demise.

When his hand fell away, the girl gasped sharply, her smile faltering as she tentatively touched his head again, but there was no more response. The lights in his helmet had dimmed, and she knew he was gone.

But before her crying could begin anew, she heard rumbling the next hall over. Leaping back, she watched with anticipation and a little anxiety as another Daddy rounded the corner, looking just like the one she'd lost moments ago.

He stopped there, in the archway, surveying the scene before him a moment before stumbling forward and raising one hand expectantly. The girl watched him with wide eyes, astonished.

"Mr. B?"

There was no movement, no acknowledgement or denial. The hand simply hovered there, awaiting her approval.

Her eyes darted from the hand to his lit helmet, then back again. Finally, she smiled and took it.

"I knew you wouldn't leave me, Mr. B."
i'm the hero of the story don't need to be saved
28 February 2011 @ 05:46 pm
Fuck you, Tallahassee, talking about twinkies at four this morning and infiltrating my dreams. I've been craving twinkies all damn day, no thanks to you.

In other news, actually ran some errands today. Bob's been an irresponsible dick about our money and our bills, and so my mom lent me money to cover the negative balance at the bank - but I'm letting the utilities go back at the house. Me and the kids don't live there right now, and it's his responsibility to keep it all covered. I might end up deciding to move back in and kick him out, but idk how I'd get the bills paid - or watch this gaggle while I hit the books again. I need a new degree, one that can actually work for me in this crazy job shortage in this crappy state. I was thinking something in radiology, or I might go get another four-year degree, like in English or something I could teach. Art, maybe? I'd like teaching.

OH and then I could maybe send the kids to that nice private Catholic school nearby! I'd probably get a discount on the tuition if I taught there.

IDEK. Mostly, I just want to be able to take care of myself and my babies. They deserve it, after all.

... Okay, getting emotional here, so I'm going to just. Go make something to eat.

OH YEAH and my new AIM handle is cry gasai cry. I should start reading on Future Diary again sometime, I know I can read it online, though I miss buying it. ;;
i'm the hero of the story don't need to be saved
15 February 2011 @ 03:21 pm
Sent in Rhode's app for Damned; decided late to change her name to the "Rhode Camelot" spelling instead of "Road Kamelot" which I'm used to at Kanna because the old Rhode went by this spelling, so I'm trying to keep things consistent for the mods.

Ugh. Today sucks; went out to eat with my family and spent a good chunk of it in the bathroom, where it all came back up. Yaaaaaaay.

The marriage event at Kanna has started; Road there is going to be married to Allen for a couple days. *snrk* It's going to be so much fun, full of trolling and draping and obnoxious kissing and fighting over making babies. >D:

And... that's pretty much it. Think I'll take another nap.
i'm the hero of the story don't need to be saved
11 February 2011 @ 12:20 pm
Feeling good today; I like the idea that my morning sickness is probably going to start heading for the hills around now. I'm feeling less tired while I'm awake lately, but I keep sleeping in super late; that could be because it's hard for me to fall asleep until about 2 or 3 in the morning.

My parents are taking all of us out to eat tonight, and they're really hoping I'll be feeling up to it. Steve and Rach said they'd watch the twins just so we don't have to lug them around at the restaurant, but I'm not sure about it. Adrian has colic (thank you ellie XD) and Rachel's just about at her wit's end. I ran over there last night to try to help out; mostly I just sat in the bathroom with her and the baby while she ran a hot shower and filled the place up with steam.

I'll probably be checking in on her and Adrian again sometime today, and if Little Man's feeling better, then I'll let them watch the twins - though she really ought to get some sleep. :| I may just poke and prod Bob to take them; his appointment can wait. He shouldn't be fixing computers at night anyway. It's bad luck.

Or something.
i'm the hero of the story don't need to be saved
08 February 2011 @ 06:15 pm
/stretches out over livejournal
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i'm the hero of the story don't need to be saved
06 February 2011 @ 02:16 am
I've been on here a lot lately, but it hasn't really been on this journal; I've really delved deep into roleplay recently, since it's... currently the only thing other than my children that's helping me to not dive into a deep dark depression from which there could be possibly no escape.

I left Bob recently, because things just... They got so bad. Unbelievably bad, so bad that I'm not sure when I'll go back. The kids are with me, because HELL NO they're not staying with him while he's being a psychotic alcoholic prick.


I'm also pregnant again, and the stress was doing nothing to help - AND YES I KNOW HE SUPPOSEDLY GOT FIXED IN JANUARY, but that's... one of those things that made it unbearable in the end. Basically, he lied about it, and I got pregnant again. It's healthy, and I'm currently 13 weeks along. This'll be baby number five. /smashes head against the concrete

Don't get me wrong... I'm really excited. I love having kids, and I'm thankful for every single one of them.


....................to lighten the mood, here's the latest bit of actual writing I've done recently. It's Road's sample for her app to damned, but I'm rather proud of it.

...also, yes, it's Road Kamelot from DGM. I've fallen into the fandom and can't get up. :P

Something in Road wished the car would just stop.Collapse )
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